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Busy Person's Retreat

Too busy to make some strides in your personal walk with the Lord?  Never!!

The next Busy Person's Retreat is February 17-21, 2019.  The Busy Person's Retreat is unlike most retreats we have at CCM.  While most retreats are held on weekends at other locations, the Busy Person's Retreat is held during the midst of your regular schedule right here at the Newman Center.  This is a retreat held during the week because the point of it is to help you foster a desire to make the Lord your priority in your everyday life.  This retreat will help you learn how to make time for prayer and meditation in the midst of your regular busy schedule. 

During this retreat you simply meet for 30 minutes with a spiritual director (we invite visiting priests and religious sisters to serve as spiritual directors for students during this time).  It's a really simple and encouraging process.  All you do is talk to them about what's going on in your life and what your relationship with the Lord is like.  They will listen compassionately and then give you advice on how to grow in your relationship with God and to positively handle any struggles you may be going through.  Then you spend at least 30 minutes in prayer (we give you some help and advice with that too!)  Those are the basics!  It doesn't take a lot of your time, but can bear great fruit in your life!  And your meeting times are set around your schedule so it doesn't conflict with your classes and other commitments.  We also have optional evening activities (available for everyone) and daily free lunch for all the retreat participants.  It's only $20 to be a part of the retreat.   



Sister Rosalie Digenan, D.C. and Olivia Jansen ~ 2017 Busy Person Retreat. 

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